About Heart Skills

Being conscious is so much more than a “New Age” buzz word or gimmicky pose. It  describes and suggests a state of total awareness and full acknowledgment of just who you are, what you want to be and do, what you think and say, how you act and how you treat yourself and others. Too many of us live our lives on “automatic,” reacting from programmed beliefs and inculcated behaviors and attitudes rather than taking conscious control of ourselves. Rarely easy but always revealing and, most importantly, the solid basis of joyful and successful relationships, skillful loving from your deepest Heart can be done by utilizing other specific, practical inner and outer tools in order to build and maintain a happy, well-functioning life. Heart Skills are only for those willing to do the work and engage in the  play necessary to have honest loving as a basis for their relationships, whether casual or very close and long-term. Loving begets more loving.  Find it by going within and practicing the Heart Skills–whichever ones work for you.