Silly question! Of course, just about everyone has. If you feel you haven’t, maybe you’ve never figured out exactly how love is supposed to feel. Well, it’s a movement of the Heart–mostly pleasant, usually exciting, sometimes achy in its earlier stages. Most importantly, it’s generous and long-lasting, helpful and giving.  It’s frequently confused with obsession or attraction, and will often be the label you use for a number of things you have firmly decided you can’t live without. Examples: Air conditioning. Your 4-bedroom house. Coffee. A job. A spouse. Now, the latter item, as with any other close person, deserves the kind of love coming from the Heart, with a capital “H.” The other items, while vital, aren’t 100% necessary for life. This capitalized Heart is differentiated from the more casual or physical heart by its relative unconditionality and its prime focus on caring for the other one more than yourself. Most of us haven’t been taught the skill set that strengthens that Heart–and we all have one–but practical steps can be acquired. In later postings, we’ll share some of the skills we’ve already developed.  Any mastered? Hardly! We’re better at some, still at the early stages of learning with most others. Still more are gestating and will be brought forward in time. Meanwhile, if you’re reading this, simply consider the idea of your own loving Heart. It’s there. Seek and ye shall find!


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