Heart Skills started out as 44 practical tools to being conscious–fully conscious–in all our interactions with others, especially with those closest to us. As yet in unpublished form, Heart Skills have grown in number and depth as the authors’ own experiences keep galvanizing new realizations, all fully applicable to you. We meet and sometimes stumble upon people and situations  that put our known skills to the test, until we see, understand and start practicing just what attitudes and behaviors sabotage our relationships . . .  and which ones obviously activate loving and accepting others in a difficult world. If you’re ready to be conscious in your loving, willing to polish and refine your own actions and attitudes while discovering just how deep and joyous your loving can become, we welcome you to this site and to a human adventure we envision can be also be tweaked and expanded enough to begin healing our world of dissension and conflict. It all begins with YOU.


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